Wir. Machen. Zukunft. Seit 1955.

Andromeda SF Magazine

…is now the club magazine for general topics of science fiction, fantasy and related fields.

ANDROMEDA SF MAGAZIN was launched in September 1955 under the inaugural title ANDROMEDA as a club magazine that was to reflect everything from the SFCD and fandom. In terms of printing technology, ANDROMEDA (in A4 format) progressed from "spirit duplication" (later with bound-in photo pages and offset title page) to so-called "small offset printing" to "exposure-based printing methods" to professional print shop production, which offered the designing editors ever better possibilities.

In addition to group reports, con experiences and letters to the editor, ANDROMEDA initially also tried to fulfill a literary vocation, which was to be achieved mainly by publishing amateur short stories and amateur articles. However, a single fanzine was not enough for such a wide range of topics. ANDROMEDA could not cope with this volume without increasing its number of pages immeasurably. This often led to the selection of articles, which regularly caused displeasure among SFCD members. It took almost 15 years for ANDROMEDA to become literary-only from 1970 onwards, while club publications such as SPACE JOURNAL and later STORY CENTER were responsible for the amateur short stories. All further contributions were taken over by ANDROMEDA NACHRICHTEN, whereby this fanzine developed a clear independence and finally became the actual club fanzine of the SFCD.

From issue 96 ANDROMEDA was published as a commercial magazine with a circulation of up to 20,000 copies. As with other magazine projects of the time, the market proved unsustainable and after issues 97, 98 and 100 Andromeda was again published by the SFCD as a fanzine and continues to appear at irregular intervals to this day.

On this international page you will find the editions that have been published bilingually (German/English) or purely in English. They can be downloaded here in PDF format for free. The paper versions were (or are) intended for free distribution at conventions.

Coming soon! Andromeda SF Magazine 159.